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Professional rare leather customization

We have many years of experience in making luxury leather watch straps, including design and production in one, with precious leathers such as alligator, ostrich, lizard, calfskin, shark, snake, pearl fish and so on. Most of our straps are suitable for Swiss watches and can be sold wholesale or retail. We can also customize (unlimited quantity) We all know that there are too many models of watches on the market, thousands of sizes or colors, and they are not universal. So many customers like to customize various colors and leathers to match their watches better. The use of quality leather and craftsmanship in all of our products is the foundation and inspiration for our luxury accessories. Sourced from the world’s most advanced tanneries in South America and Europe to create our iconic and timeless pieces. Premium natural leathers give our products a different look, texture and olfactory experience. All crocodiles, lizards, sharks and hides are bred in captivity under the care of breeders and the leather is not easily damaged. The leather consists of the thorax and belly on either side of the crocodile’s spine, and is not too hard for comfort or too soft to ruin the overall beauty. and its making. This requires great efforts not only in materials but also in manufacturing techniques. Alligator leather straps are usually handmade and sewn by experienced masters. Each product is filled with the heart and soul of the manufacturer. Therefore, alligator leather straps are expensive and have their own expensive capital. Genuine leather is very sensitive to moisture and requires careful care. If it accidentally comes into contact with water, wipe it immediately with a soft, lint-free cotton eyelet cloth to prevent stains or blisters from forming. Avoid exposing the leather to strong light or high temperature for a long time (such as direct sunlight, behind windows, heating, etc.), which can easily cause discoloration.We do not do mass production, just for better quality, all handmade Please note that our products do not belong to any other brands CustomHu is an independent company

Genuine Leather Watch Band Use of Suggestion

1. Pls keep band dryly and clearly which is the best method of maintain; 2. When you wear the watch, pls keep loose possibly, then it can be heat dispersion and ventilation preferably to reduce erosion of sweat; 3.Leather is natural material. The protective layer possibly is damaged by sweat, lubricant, perfume and so on. Pls don’t use shoe polish or toher leather care products to maintain the leather. Maybe it will damage the leather. 4. Perfume and sweat lead to the major cause of odor, so pls don’t wear perfume on band. 5. The band can restore the shimmer, if you often wipe band’s surface with a dry cloth. Kindly remind: Generally new band is slightly hard. It will be more soft after wearing for 3.5days. Pls don t forcibly or reversely bend it. The design thickness of the watch belt is different in the manufacturing process. Thank you for your support and trust!