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Cartier is a renowned French watch and jewellery maker whose brand emerged in the mid-19th century and is one of the This most recognisable and longest-standing brands in the world today. At the same time,

Cartier is wildly sought after by aristocratic celebrities for both its watches and jewellery, thanks to its outstanding craftsmanship, technical expertise and unique style.

After seeing Cartier’s jewellery and watches with their bejewelled and embellished motifs, it is time to take a look at Cartier’s mastery of the chronograph.

The Cartier Roadster is a men’s automatic mechanical watch with a classic tonneau-shaped case made of stainless steel and contrasting white, black and red colours that give the watch a sporty look. The dial of this watch is black, a shade that is slightly lighter against the red and white case, giving the watch a youthful air and making it more suitable for younger men.

The dial colour is characteristically bright and nicely enriches the dial and contrasts with the larger background of the dial.

This Cartier Roadster W62002V3 is not only excellent in terms of its design, but also in terms of its functions, which are not overly complicated but are very practical.

At 3 o’clock on the dial is the watch’s date window, which shows the time of day in white Arabic numerals on a black background, making it very easy to read and allowing it to serve us well in our lives.

This Cartier Roadster W6206020 is a change from the usual characteristics of most Cartier watches that are surrounded by beads and adorned with beautiful motifs,

and instead shows us a different kind of beauty originating from Cartier with its simple black and white, red colour scheme and hardened stainless steel metal.

The watch is equipped with an automatic mechanical, automatic mechanical movement that not only gives the watch a powerful guarantee of functionality, but also gives it an elevated look.

The Cartier Roadster collection, with its distinctive tonneau-shaped dial and its uniquely sporty and dynamic shape, is a trendsetter.

Cartier uses a quick-release strap on the case. You can easily remove the strap without any tools Unfortunately, the Cartier Roadster has been discontinued

Cartier Roadster strap·XL Cartier Roadster strap·XL

This means that strap Cartier Roadster strap·XL accessories will also be difficult to find. That’s fine, we offer a quality leather strap instead, or you can personalise it in any colour or size. If you don’t fancy wearing a steel or rubber strap, why not try a leather strap, available in any style and colour in alligator, shark, ostrich, lizard or calfskin leather? If you are interested, please feel free to contact us


Cartier Roadster strap Shark skinCartier Roadster strap·XL Cartier Roadster strap·XL  Cartier Roadster strap·XLCartier Roadster strap·XL

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