Original vs custom leather strap : weighing up the pros and cons to make your choice

Choosing the right strap for your watch is an important decision. Both original and bespoke leather straps have their advantages and disadvantages. By taking a closer look at their characteristics, you can better decide which option best suits your needs and preferences.

custom leather strap

Disadvantages of original straps
Original straps, as official accessories provided by the watch manufacturer, have certain limitations:

High price: original straps usually have the same craftsmanship and quality as the watch brand, which makes them relatively expensive, possibly up to around $500.
Limited choice: the colours, materials and widths of original straps are often limited by the manufacturer and do not allow for individualisation. You may only be able to choose from a handful of standard options.
Brand dependency: Choosing an original strap means you are dependent on the options offered by the watch manufacturer and may not have access to more customisation options. This may limit your freedom and the variety of straps available.

The advantages of a custom leather strap
Customised leather straps offer more flexibility and personalisation options, with the following advantages:

Affordable prices: Compared to original straps, bespoke leather straps are often more affordable, allowing you to choose according to your budget and needs. You can find a bespoke option to suit your budget range.
Variety of options: Custom leather straps can be personalised to suit your needs in terms of colour, material, width and length. You can choose from a variety of leather materials such as: cowhide, crocodile, shark, ostrich, snakeskin, etc. and choose the width and length to suit your preferences.
Individuality: with a customised strap, you can show off your personal style and unique taste. You can choose the colour, texture and decoration of the strap to suit your preferences, thus making your watch even more personal and unique. Better match your outfit

custom leather strap

How do I choose?
When choosing between an original strap or a bespoke leather strap, it may help you to take the following factors into account when making your decision:

Budget: If you are price-sensitive and want a more affordable option, a bespoke leather strap may suit you better. You can choose the right leather and style to suit your budget range.
Personalisation: If you are looking for individuality and uniqueness, a bespoke leather strap can offer more choice and the opportunity to customise. You can customise your strap to suit your preferences and style requirements.
Brand identity: if you value the unity of your watch brand and a perfect match, the original strap may be a better choice. The original strap matches the design and craftsmanship of the watch, ensuring a perfect look and consistency of quality.

custom leather strap
The choice between an original strap or a bespoke leather strap depends on your personal preference and needs. Original straps match the watch perfectly, but are more expensive and offer a limited choice, while bespoke leather straps are affordable and offer more personalisation options. Depending on your budget, individual needs and brand identity, you can weigh up the pros and cons of these options and choose the one that suits you best.

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