Notes on customizing watch straps

Dear customer, Custom leather strap please be sure to read this regulation before submitting your custom order. One will agree to follow the following principles by submitting your order

In order to better meet the various needs of different customers, Customhu custom straps are independently handmade by experienced master strap makers.

Strap customization requires dozens of complex processes, very time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the cost of leather for a separate custom strap is also much higher.

Therefore, custom watch straps cannot be returned or exchanged for non-quality issues.

1. Please provide sample straps or accurate and detailed size and measurement photos for customization of regular flat interface straps;

2. Please provide the sample strap for customizing the concave and convex interface strap to avoid unnecessary loss due to measurement error;

3. Special strap interface with accessories interface with plastic and metal accessories custom strap please be sure to provide samples and ensure that with the pieces are intact,

in the customization process the strap master will do the original rubber grain head/steel grain head into the new strap for you, the original old  strap will be scrapped and can no longer be used, please be aware of the that

4. Size custom strap size and style corresponding to chat log or transaction note message shall prevail. Because the strap leather and core material is flexible, the width and thickness of the custom strap size error of 0.3mm, length size error of 3mm, is within the normal margin of error;

Warm tip: custom strap can be lengthened or shortened according to the

thickness of the individual wrist, so that make the new strap more comfortable and hands with a more classy.

5. buckles: custom strap are made according to the original strap effect and does not contain a buckle, customers need to use the original buckle back.

6. Colors: everyone has different preferences for different colors, with different visual effects, Customhu has more than a hundred kinds of leather color for your selection.

Due to the different lighting when the photos are taken, different settings of the computer monitor and different, the color of the leather of the batch may also have a little color difference, so when customizing, you only need to confirm the color belongs to the color family (such as brown. black,red, etc.), the picture is for reference only, the color in kind shall prevail. We will do our best to minimize color differences when providing you with pictures.But the color difference problem is not considered a quality issue, the color requirements of too demanding pro please be careful to select.

  1. leather material: Customhu commitment to all custom strap are described in detail by the corresponding animal natural head leather production, never second best,, commitment for life. ( that is, the description is the American alligator: products using American alligator leather production )

8. texture different animal skin texture are naturally generated, and the same principle of human fingerprints, customization only need to specify the general distinction (such as American alligator bamboo texture or round texture) can be, the texture of special requirements of customers can provide samples of the strap or reference pictures, we will try to select relatively in line with your needs of the production of leather, please take the actual goods received shall prevail. Natural leather texture and texture differences are not quality issues.

Custom leather strap contact us:

Custom leather strap Notes on customizing watch straps Notes on customizing watch straps Custom leather strap Notes on customizing watch straps

9. Delivery time: Alligator leather strap 5-10 working days; custom strap is handmade, combined with different customer requirements now ordered, we pursue quality not production, slow work, which is one of the reasons for the order burst delivery time is slightly longer, in short, choose us is not destined to let you down! We will arrange production in the order of each customer’s order, each customer wants to receive Strap early, but we want to ensure the quality and workmanship of the product, so please be patient. We will ship the product to you as soon as it is finished and passed the inspect.

Custom leather strap Notes on customizing watch straps Custom leather strap Notes on customizing watch straps Custom leather strap Notes on customizing watch straps