Handmade leather goods, the pursuit of a strong natural atmosphere, back to basics style, each pure genuine leather have natural grain, leather marks, color and luster different characteristics. It retains the folds and textures on the leather – simple and natural.


Bought a lot of leather products, including bags, but over time there is wear and tear, how to maintain?

First, when we use leather bags, we should pay attention to never be sharp objects or relatively hard objects bumped as well as scratched, so then leather bags are very difficult to recover, so we must pay attention to the protection of leather bags when we travel.
Second, leather bags placed at home must choose a good place, it is best to be placed in a special place, do not randomly put, because once the leather bag is pressed out of the fold, it is also very difficult to repair, and even if the repair, there will be defects.

Third, leather bags to try to put in a cool place, when we go out we should also pay attention to try not to let the sun exposure to your bag, if the sun exposure time is too long, leather bags crack, we must pay attention to this one aspect.

Fourth, leather bags we have to regularly clean maintenance, this is to ensure the beauty and generosity of leather bags, you can use special care leather bag care agent, you can play in, the surface of the bag on a layer of care agent can be.

Fifth, clean leather bags, we must pay attention to, do not use too hard items for cleaning, we recommend that you can use a soft brush for cleaning, and will not make your leather bag damage, in addition to clean up the time to follow the grain cleaning.
Sixth, leather bags we are using, inevitably will accidentally hurt some unclean stains, this time we must promptly clean, we can use a cotton cloth, wipe, leather bags must be cleaned in a timely manner, different time a long time is very difficult to wipe. Seventh, leather bags for do not put in a wet place, and do not be water stained, if you accidentally give their leather bags stained with water, then you have to immediately use a dry cloth to dry the water, because if the leather bags for a long time stained with water will lead to dry leather surface cracked