Compatible with Piaget Limelight G0A27063 strap 14mm


Size: 14x10mm

length: 85x80mm thickness: 2.5×1.5mm

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Piaget Limelight G0A27063 strap Size: 14x10mm length: 85x80mm thickness: 2.5×1.5mm

Compatible case diameter:33.6mm

Support to customize any style and color crocodile skin, shark skin, ostrich skin, lizard skin, calf leather strap

Strap material: Satin  black

Piaget Limelight G0A27063 strap Special hardware head, fixed with screws

Don’t have a favorite color or style? No problem. We can provide custom service. Please contact

The leather used for the strap is American alligator alligator skin common Mississippi alligator and Louisiana alligator are American alligator. When making high-end watch straps, we always insist on using French tanned alligator skin for 90% of our original watch straps.

Please note that customhu does not belong to any brand company

Colors: everyone has different preferences for different colors, with different visual effects, Customhu has more than a hundred kinds of leather color for your selection.

Due to the different lighting when the photos are taken, different settings of the computer monitor and different, the color of the leather of the batch may also have a little color difference, so when customizing, you only need to confirm the color belongs to the color family (such as brown. black,red, etc.), the picture is for reference only, the color in kind shall prevail. We will do our best to minimize color differences when providing you with pictures.But the color difference problem is not considered a quality issue, the color requirements of too demanding pro please be careful to select.

leather material: Customhu commitment to all custom strap are described in detail by the corresponding animal natural head leather production, never second best,, commitment for life. ( that is, the description is the American alligator: products using American alligator leather production )

texture different animal skin texture are naturally generated, and the same principle of human fingerprints, customization only need to specify the general distinction (such as American alligator bamboo texture or round texture) can be, the texture of special requirements of customers can provide samples of the strap or reference pictures, we will try to select relatively in line with your needs of the production of leather, please take the actual goods received shall prevail. Natural leather texture and texture differences are not quality issues.

Piaget Limelight G0A27063 strap  Piaget Limelight G0A27063 strap Piaget Limelight G0A27063 strap  Piaget Limelight G0A27063 strap Piaget Limelight G0A27063 strap Piaget Limelight G0A27063 strap




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