Custom handcrafted leather watch straps


Custom leather watch straps

HI Have you ever had to find a strap for your watch? There are thousands of different models of watches and the sizes are so different that it is difficult to find the same model on the market. The only way to find one is to buy it over-the-counter, which can sometimes take 1-3 months or more if it’s not in stock and can be very expensive, with some watches costing up to $700 for a leather strap. The choice of colours is limited to 2-3.

Custom leather watch straps

It is well known that many watches come with leather/steel/rubber straps. However, leather straps are more playful as they can be worn in more colours or in a variety of leathers to complement different coloured clothes and shoes. Unlike steel straps or tapes, which are more monotonous. Leather straps vary greatly in price depending on the leather, and are usually available in alligator, lizard, ostrich, sheepskin, cowhide and other materials.

Custom leather watch straps Custom leather watch straps

Of course the cost of choosing a leather strap will be higher because leather is subject to wear and tear. The average watch strap has a life span of 1-2 years and needs to be maintained, kept dry and clean thus extending its life. Leather is after all a natural organic material and prolonged perspiration can cause hardening of the fibrous tissue and cracking of the epidermis.
In this case, it is very important that you get a new strap immediately to prevent it from suddenly breaking and damaging your watch. The life of your watch will be extended if you keep a few straps on hand and wear them regularly to ease the overuse of the leather.

Custom leather watch strapsStraps can actually be customised, regardless of the model, steel or rubber strap, into leather straps, simply by providing the model or size of your watch. With hundreds of choices of leather and colours, as well as stitching in different colours, each customised strap is unique. Extremely individual and luxurious. Show off your taste
A good strap is more than just a simple interchangeable accessory, it is a personal aesthetic that goes with the watch, so how exactly is a good strap made by hand?
Because they are not mass produced, all straps are handmade by experienced craftsmen. It’s not easy to make a strap, and every step of the process requires great care. A slight error of 1mm in width may not fit your watch. There are also some special watches that require a hardware head to be made to match. For example, the Patek Philippe Nautilus collection, the Vacheron Constantin OVERSEAS collection, the Cartier Roadster collection and so on. Most of their special shapes are not universally adaptable. Don’t worry, we can customise leather straps for even the most complicated models!

Custom leather watch straps Custom leather watch straps Custom leather watch straps

Today, with the development of society, traditional handcrafted craftsmanship is rare, but customhu knows how rare it is and still stays true to its craft.

In Customhu’s view, development is inevitably followed by innovation and it is only by combining traditional craftsmanship with strict quality control that we can continue to develop.

Why choose us, Customhu is in the business of developing and customising leather straps. We have produced thousands of straps and have a wealth of experience. We can solve all your strap problems at a reasonable price. Custom straps can be made in 5-7 working days. If you need a custom strap, just contact us and send us an e-mail: [email protected] We can ship to over 200 countries worldwide.


Custom leather watch strapsCustom leather watch straps

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