We are pleased to introduce you to our custom red alligator straps to add a touch of glamour to your Roger Dubuis Easy Diver watch!

Roger Dubuis Easy Diver strap

First, you will have an initial meeting with a customhu strap specialist to discuss your needs and preferences. You will be able to share details such as the colour of the strap you want, the leather material, the style of the hardware, as well as the width and length of the strap.

Watch and Wrist Measurements: To ensure that your custom alligator strap is a perfect fit for your Roger Dubuis Easy Diver watch, the artisan will measure the width of the watch lugs as well as your wrist size.

Design and drawing: customhu’s designers will create a drawing based on your requirements and the dimensions of your watch, giving you a preview of how the strap will look. You can make changes until you are satisfied.

Selection of materials: In order to guarantee the highest quality, customhu uses only high quality alligator leather materials. You will have the opportunity to choose your favourite colour and texture to ensure that the strap matches your personal style.

Roger Dubuis Easy Diver strap

Roger Dubuis Easy Diver strap

HANDMADE: Once the design and material selection have been confirmed, the artisan will begin handcrafting the alligator strap. Each step of the process is carefully handled, from the cutting of the leather to the sewing of the strap, the craftsmen are fully committed to ensuring that the craftsmanship of the strap is of the highest standard.

Fitting of the hardware: customhu will design and make the appropriate hardware for your watch case to ensure a perfect fit.

Roger Dubuis Easy Diver strap

Roger Dubuis Easy Diver strap

QUALITY CHECK AND ADJUSTMENT: After production, each strap is rigorously quality checked to ensure it is of the highest standard. If necessary, details are fine-tuned to ensure a perfect fit for the Roger Dubuis Easy Diver.

DELIVERY AND WEARING: Once the custom alligator strap is complete, it will be fitted to your Roger Dubuis Easy Diver watch. You will have an alligator strap that fits your watch perfectly and expresses your personality and taste.


Through this customisation process, you will get an alligator strap that perfectly matches your Roger Dubuis Easy Diver watch, giving your watch a whole new appeal and making it the perfect companion to your favourite timepiece. customhu will do everything in its power to make this customisation process fun and to give you a watch accessory that will make a difference.

Customised Roger Dubuis Easy Diver 27mm green alligator strap case: one-of-a-kind luxury glamour

In this article, we present the successful creation of a unique Roger Dubuis Easy Diver 27mm green crocodile strap by a watch collector, revealing how this customised strap is the perfect complement to a watch, offering a one-of-a-kind luxury appeal.

The reason for choosing green crocodile leather
Out of the many strap materials available, he finally chose green alligator leather. This was not only because of the luxury and texture of the alligator leather itself, but also because the unique colour of green blends perfectly with the design of the Easy Diver collection, injecting a sense of chicness and vibrancy into the watch.

The Custom Design Process
During the custom design process, the collector was in full communication with the watchmaker, discussing every detail. He wanted the strap to emphasise the sporty style of the Easy Diver collection while maintaining a balance between classic and stylish. After many iterations, a width of 27mm and a specific green colour scheme were finally decided upon.

A superb combination of craftsmanship and materials
The highest grade of green alligator leather is used in the production of the strap, which is handmade by experienced craftsmen. Every stitch and buckle is crafted to ensure that each strap is a unique work of art.

The Result
The finished customised Easy Diver watch with its green alligator strap has a chic and luxurious vibe. The green colour complements the metal elements of the watch itself, making it a popular focal point for collectors.

This example not only showcases the customisation process of the Roger Dubuis Easy Diver 27mm Green Alligator Strap, but also highlights the importance of personalisation amongst watch enthusiasts. Such customisation is not just a simple change, but a perfect expression of horological taste and unique style.


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